Friday, July 12, 2013

2013-14 Season Preview Part 4 - The Relegation Battlers

Amkar Perm

Transfers In:

Petar Zanev
Nikolai Fadeev (loan)
Dmitri Kayumov (loan)

Transfers Out:

Georgi Dzhioev
Vadim Gagloev
Vitali Grishin
Maksim Lauk
Stanislav Matyash
Nikola Mijailovic
Alexei Popov
Makhmadnaim Sharifi
Vladislav Shustov
Pavel Shuvalov
Sergei Volkov

Amkar have seen a mass exodus over the summer, to the point where they appear to not only lack quality, but depth as well. I can't see them improving on last year and they'll likely drop into the playoff places, finishing in 14th.
Last Season - 11th
Prediction - 14th

Volga Nizhny Novgorod

Transfers In:

Artem Danilenko
Denis Kolodin
Mikhail Komarov
Roman Kontsedalov
Marcin Kowalczyk
Jorge Luis Luna
Mukendi Mulumba
Artur Nigmatullin
Piotr Polczak
Luton Shelton
Dmitri Sychev

Transfers Out:

Ruslan Adzhindzhal
Dmitri Aydov
Romeo Castelen
Aleksandr Kharitonov
Dmitri Kudryashov
Aleksandr Salugin
Alexey Sapogov

Volga have strengthened over the offseason, particularly with the signings of Leandro and Denis Kolodin, however they will struggle to overcome sides such as Rostov and Terek and will slip into the playoffs. However, expect them to have a few impressive moments where they perform well against better sides, despite a 13th place finish.
Last Season - 12th
Prediction - 13th

Krylia Sovetov Samara

Transfers In:

Ruslan Adzhindzhal
Gia Grigalava

Transfers Out:

Roman Grigoryan
Steeve Joseph-Reinette
Shamil Lakhiyalov
Dmitri Golubev (loan)
Viktor Svezhov (loan)

For me, Krylia haven't done enough in the transfer window to improve their side. I expect them to collapse throughout the final months of the season and sink to their first relegation in the RPL era by finishing in 15th.
Last Season - 14th
Prediction - 15th

Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast

Transfers In:

Aleksandr Belozerov
Andrei Gorbanets
Yuri Kirillov
Gudzha Rukhaia
Artur Sarkisov
Aleksei Solosin
Evgenni Pomazan (loan)
Serder Serderov (loan)

Transfers Out:

Mikhail Biryukov
Ivan Drannikov
Anton Kobyalko
Aleksandr Kotlyarov
Aleksandr Marenich
Adessoye Oyewole
Aleksei Revyakin
Dmitri Ryzhov
Konstantin Skrylnikov
Artem Solovyei
Maksim Volkov
Dmitri Yashin
Ivan Melnik (loan)

In releasing and selling most of the core of their title winning squad, Ural have greatly weakened themselves. They have brought in a few quality replacements, but their squad lacks consistency from last year and it will take time for the team to learn to work together. I fully expect their season to be hindered by a slow start, but they will finally pick up form as the season goes on. However, it will not be enough, and they should be relegated at the first time of asking by finishing 16th.
Last Season - 1st (National Football League)
Prediction - 16th

In the final part, I will wrap up the predicted table and make predictions for top scorers and assistants.

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