Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2013-14 Matchweek 25 Recap: Predictable results all around

No results this weekend were particularly shocking, with the most notable being Lokomotiv's draw with Anzhi, which was basically to be expected given the recent form of both of these teams. Just a note on my selections for team of the week: it was ridiculously difficult to pick which central defenders to include. My shortlist ultimately included 9 names (Vedran Corluka, Ali Gadzhibekov, Saba Kvirkvelia, Xandao, Christopher Samba, Salvatore Bocchetti, Vladimir Rykov, Dmitri Belorukov and Thomas Phibel) in a week of great defensive performances.

Also, the formation editor is playing up yet again, so this week's team is Belenov; Fernandes, Xandao, Samba, Phibel, Granat; Sheshukov, Ivanov; Hulk, Ailton, Kasaev.

Spartak 1-0 Krylia

Yura Movsisyan scored for Spartak after just 14 minutes to give the hosts the lead, and a combination of their good play and Krylia's profligacy kept the visitors scoreless for the remainder of the match. Krylia had a good patch where they looked dangerous mid way through the second half, but nothing came of it.

Tomsk 0-0 Amkar
Tomsk and Amkar were even for most of their match, with both sides having a plethora of chances, but both defences were typically solid. As per usual, the best players on both of these teams were the centre backs.

CSKA 1-0 Ural
Similarly to the Spartak-Krylia match, it was an early goal that decided the outcome, with Ahmed Musa scoring the winner in the 17th minute. CSKA looked like much the better side, but also came close to conceding on a number of occasions to give them a much nervier win than they were expecting.

Terek 3-0 Rostov

This match was ridiculously chaotic, with three penalties given and two red cards dished out. Mauricio opened the scoring for Terek with the first penalty of the match, before Rostov saw Guelor Kanga Kaku dismissed and Ailton added a second for the hosts. Terek were brought down to ten men when Rizvan Utsiev was sent off for a second yellow, but Ailton was able to add a third with another penalty. Artem Dzyuba had a chance to pull one back late in the match with yet another penalty, but Yaroslav Godzyur saved his weak effort.

Zenit 4-1 Krasnodar

Hulk opened the scoring early, but Joaozinho was able to equalise right after half time. Hulk then restored Zenit's lead and ultimately scored a hat-trick after Salomon Rondon added Zenit's third. Realistically, Zenit could have scored even more, but were restricted by Andrei Sinitsyn.

Lokomotiv 0-0 Anzhi
Anzhi were the inferior team, but were kept in it by the excellent Mikhail Kerzhakov, and the match ended with a dull scoreline as a result of his fantastic performance.

Rubin 0-2 Kuban
Lorenzo Melgarejo and Gigel Bucur scored with two of the only chances that Kuban had, while Rubin ran riot but were kept out almost solely by the efforts of Aleksandr Belenov, who made 11 saves over the course of the match.

Volga 0-5 Dynamo
Volga held out until half time, but then got absolutely overran by Dynamo's excellent second half performance, inspired by Alan Kasaev and Vladimir Granat in particular.

1 - Zenit
2 - Lokomotiv
3 - CSKA
4 - Dynamo
5 - Spartak
6 - Krasnodar
7 - Amkar
8 - Rostov
9 - Kuban
10 - Rubin
11 - Terek
12 - Krylia
13 - Ural
14 - Tomsk
15 - Volga
16 - Anzhi


  1. Hello! I've been reading your site for a while now, so first I want to say I really like it! It's hard to find consistent English-language commentary on the RPL.

    Secondly, with CSKA's roller coaster form, tough run-in, and crosshairs fixed on managers around the league at the moment, do you think Slutskiy makes it to next season?

  2. Thanks! As for your question, I think Slutskiy gets to the end of the season, and then surely he's gone. CSKA have been far too inconsistent and haven't looked anywhere near retaining the title, so surely he's got to go.

  3. I tend to agree, although I'm not sure where CSKA go from there. Now Cherchasov has gone to Dynamo there don't appear to be any outstanding Russian candidates and their foreign managers have been messes, each. Perhaps Kononaw?