Sunday, May 19, 2013

Krylia 3-1 Rubin: So yeah, that was a thing

I want to preface this with a warning. This is less a match report and more a rant about poor refereeing because it was particularly atrocious today. Anyway, onto the actual report. Krylia beat Rubin thanks to an offside goal, a penalty and a cool finish.

Both sides started the match in their typical 4-2-3-1 formations, with Burdyev opting to pair Bibras Natkho and Yann M'Vila in Rubin's double pivot. The move looked to pay off, as the visitors looked dominant in the early stages, finding several balls in behind Krylia's defence in the opening 10 minutes. Nevertheless, Krylia rallied and managed a counter in the 11th minute, at which point Oleg Kuzmin dragged down Bruno Teles on the left side of the box to earn the visitors a free kick. What followed was one of the most dismal calls by a linesman that I have ever seen. Luis Caballero smashed the ball home after the play should have been given as offside, not once or twice, but three times! I'm not trying to take anything away from Caballero because his finish was excellent and neat, but the play should have been stopped long before he even touched the ball.  The poor officiating didn't stop there however, as Salomon Rondon was sliced down from behind in the box while the referee allowed the game to play on. At this point, Rubin would have been perfectly justified to feel hard done by, but their poor luck continued after the break.

Rubin came out on time after the break, but Krylia were several minutes behind schedule and the referees appeared even later. It only took five minutes for Krylia to earn their lead as they found a neat finish through Maksimov, who latched onto a Nemov pass and slotted it into the bottom left corner. Undeterred, Rubin pushed on and pulled a goal back from a decent finish by Dyadyun, who had been introduced for Eremenko just after the hour mark. Unfortunately, Rubin continued to struggle against the more physical Krylia, who bullied the visitors all over the park. However, they did themselves no favours in stoppage time, when Cesar Navas brought down Nemov and Maksimov simply converted it. It was very likely the first and only correct penalty call of the four shouts made during the match for both sides.

Man of the Match: The referees
They won this game for Krylia. That's all I'm going to say

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