Sunday, May 5, 2013

New regular articles planned and coming soon

So far in From Beyond the Iron Curtain's history, I have only featured one match report a week from the Russian Premier League. Due to the thorough lack of good matches to write about this past weekend, I thought I would take this opportunity to announce the introduction of several new regular article releases to be implemented over the coming weeks and months.

Firstly, over the summer transfer window I will be releasing weekly transfer rumour updates that will include "news" from Russia. These posts will come out once a week on Wednesdays up until the end of the transfer window in September.

At the commencement of next season, I will also complete matchweek reports encompassing every RPL game to be posted on Mondays. These reports will be less in-depth than the standard match reports, but will cover each match and give a better idea of the overall state of the league. The regular match reports will continue to be written and posted once a week as usual.

Finally, I am planning a weekly news update for of Russia to be posted on Fridays, beginning at the start of next season. These will cover general football news from the country, but will not feature match reports outside of extraordinary circumstances.

In addition to these weekly articles, I plan to write less regular articles from time to time, highlighting players, pointing out managerial mishaps or addressing issues within the leagues and football associations of each of the countries. These will likely begin over the summer (if I can decide what to write about) and should continue during next season.

Sorry for the lack of a match report this week, but there will be one next weekend and I look forward to writing these articles on a weekly basis. Thank you all for reading From Beyond the Iron Curtain, a site I thoroughly enjoy writing for all of you.

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